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Parsing Resources with Python

I want to note that the work on this article is not finished yet. If you have comments or an addition, welcome to the comments. Important Always first see if the site offers its own API, RSS / Atom feeds will also be useful. Requirements…

Optimizing NGINX configuration

NGINX NGINX is a fast replacement for slow Apache2. Of course, NGINX, like any other web server, requires the correct settings for better performance. Requirements Freshly installed and configured Debian  or Ubuntu. Installed and…

SSL certificate for NGINX on Ubuntu

What is a self-signed certificate? SSL certificate is used to encrypt information on the site and create a safer connection. It also displays the visitor's identity information about the private virtual server. You can use the services of…

Installing Java on Ubuntu using apt-get

Installing the JRE / JDK version in ubuntu by default This is the simplest and, as a consequence, the recommended method, as a result of which we will get the installed OpenJDK6 if we have Ubuntu 12.04 or earlier versions or OpenJDK7 for…

Symfony 2 Joboard: Getting Started

In each chapter, new functions will be added to the application, and we will use this approach to gradually introduce Symfony into the framework, and learn about the best practices in web development on Symfony. In this part, you will…

Centering elements vertically on pure CSS

CSS Axes So far, CSS has been a problem that it works primarily along one axis. Depending on the context, this can be a vertical or horizontal axis. And this is great for a stack of block elements (located one after another), for example:…

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