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Best Free Upcoming Games of 2018 (Play for free and legitimately)

Almost any game can be taken aboard, but what can you do for those who want to play for free and legitimately?
Everyone sometimes wants a freebie. Legal ways to get a game nowadays can be a bunch of ways. With novelties, of course, most likely, nothing will come of it, but it’s easy to impose your zagrebushchie hands on the classics.
So, in 2018 we are waiting for the twentieth anniversary of the Anno series . You can be sure that one of the first games of the series will be distributed free of charge anywhere in Uplay . In Steam, you can trade cards from free games, buy games with minimum prices, buy cards, and so on. After several years of such intellectual work, you will probably accumulate enough to buy any game on the release day. There are programs Xbox Gold and PS Plus , monthly distributing a free compilation for the respective consoles. But in this article you will see a selection of free games, which are scheduled for release in 2018. These are games for a variety of platforms – mostly Steam

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Death Tales

Release date: 2018 
Developer: Nine Tales Digital 
Platforms: PS4

You are Death. More precisely, her authorized representative Reaper, the collector of the souls of the dead. This is not only a great responsibility, but also a hard work, since the Soulless always try to steal human souls for some of their production needs. Souls need to be protected and collected, the invaders punished, they must fulfill their duty to Death. All this in beautifully painted scenery (Reaper looks particularly touching), in solo mode or in co-op with friend, on PS4 and absolutely free. The game process is a mixture of role-playing and collectible card game, in which the player needs not only to be able to control the battlefield with the help of an accumulated deck of cards, but also to deftly run a small character through 2D levels, manually drawn to the finishing touch. At the moment, you can try the beta version of the game.

Quake Champions

Release date: 2018 
Developer: id Software 
Platforms: PC

Now we know for sure that the final version of Quake Champions will be free. With the help of real money it will be possible to buy the entire pack of characters, and fans of the FFA-regime will be able to shoot each other without limits, playing for the Ranger. The chip is that for the dueling mode, which, in fact, is the top priority of any Quake player, you need to have three characters that can be changed right during the battle after the death of the previous one. It is quite easy to accumulate enough game currency to get three heroes for a while, but this is rent. After a while they will again become inaccessible, and the process of accumulation of game currency will begin anew. To normally play in a duel mode, you need at least a few workouts per week, so for a full game, willy-nilly will have to pay. Well, either score in a duel and just have fun in the “All against all” mode. At the moment, everyone is interested in a beta version, but there are rumors that a full release is waiting for us next year.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Release date: 2018 (exit from Early Access) 
Developer: Hi-Rez Studios 
Platforms: PC / PS4 / XBOX

A free copy of mega-popular team shooter Overwatch from Blizzard persistently tries to make a kind of stand-alone product created by a group of visionaries. If this is true, then Vange will have to move from the place of the main predictor of the present, as the game process of the project at the start almost one-to-one repeated all the ideas of Overwatch, up to the abilities of the characters. However, who cares: the developers have made a successful product and develop it as they can. Now the game has found its audience and develops according to its own scenario. Nevertheless, the core of the game process remains unchanged: two teams of several players compete on one card. One team seeks to fulfill a certain goal, the other – to prevent the opponent. Different characters at the same time are endowed with unique abilities that are actively used in the course of the shootout. The game itself is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. At the moment remains in the beta version.

Unearned Booty

Released: 2018 
Developer: Extrokold Games 
Platforms: PC

While Ubisoft saws (great looking) shooter about the war of pirates, indie studio Extrocold Games makes its own: less beautiful, no less vigorous and completely free. In fact, this is a normal Free-for-All-shooter, in which, instead of human models for location at high speeds, various ships move. In this case, different ships have their own abilities: some can use special shells, some leave behind a poisonous tail. In general, who is in that much. The game has one interesting ability: endless combat locations. In fact, this is not entirely true, they are simply fixated: just like a labyrinth, through which the well-known Pacman runs. Wherever you sail, very quickly you will find yourself in the thick of the battle. It will not work out in the corner!

CityBattle | Virtual Earth

Release date: 2018 year 
Developer: Rikor 
Platforms: PC

A dozen of our compatriots work on this shooter. Logically, the game should unite players from different cities in a single patriotic impulse. You can choose the city that you represent, and play in a team with people who live in a nearby street. In the team – because CityBattlethis is a team shooter about the battle for the Technoparks. These are such factories for the production of various useful things that replenish the pocket of their owner and, accordingly, the budget of the city chosen by him. The combat robots available to players are divided into classes, which in turn are divided into subclasses that are customizable to the player’s style, and can be switched between them right during the battle. From the simple: Sturmovik, which is in fact a classic fighter, can be redone in a fast Scout, flying Bomber and so on. The developers have a Vkontakte community , in which they promise to release the project in early 2018.

Meta World

Release date: March 2018 
Developer: HelloVR 
Platforms: PC

A free MMO game with a world on 10,000 square miles for VR. How are you? This is MetaWorld , in which they promise an open world filled with adventures, entertainments and virtual versions of other people. Thousands of people. It sounds interesting, but as with any other large-scale VR-game, there are many questions. Perhaps our paranoia is caused by watching the series ” Black Mirror “, but this game seems too complicated for us to work properly, and players instead of a unique gaming experience did not get nervous breakdowns and brutal pursuers. On the official website of MetaWorld , the New Scientist magazine is cited , calling itself the most realistic version of the Matrix, boast of such game entertainment as, including, fishing, hunting, sports and so on. Agree, the concept looks very cool. It remains to hope that everything will work as intended. And to revise the “Black Mirror”.