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Apple MacBook 12 – Updated, improved and still expensive laptop


Previously, a 12-inch version of the MacBook was in demand, but after a departure from the usual design, sales fell. To return to popularity, the company from Cupertino staffed the new Apple MacBook 12 with the 7th generation Intel Core m3 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a solid state 256 GB SSD.

Design Apple MacBook 12 2017

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The new MacBook looks flawless – from the laser-made grille to the glossy Apple logo on the lid. If the laptop is closed and put on a flat surface, it will seem incredibly thin due to its inclined edges.

The Apple MacBook 12 keyboard is stretched from edge to edge, the speaker occupies the entire top part. In an elegant design, all available space is used with maximum efficiency. From previous laptops of the series, the frame around the screen and the proportions of the case have been preserved. In the rest, the design is modern, and minimalism does not spoil the impression of luxury.

It is difficult to find the same sleek, thin and monolithic laptop. Huawei Matebook X is the most obvious rival of the MacBook, which clearly mimics the appearance of Apple’s laptop, but is inferior in strength to the design. Dell XPS 13 is a completely different laptop, in which less solid materials are used to emphasize simplicity and accessibility.

Port or connector

This 12-inch MacBook has just one USB-C port on the left and one headphone jack. For comparison, the 13-inch version has a USB-C port on both sides, which allows you to charge the laptop, and stay on the network using a mouse.

The lack of connectors is felt constantly – without a docking station you can not connect an external mouse and keyboard to the Apple MacBook 12, and also use a USB flash drive while charging, choose the side of the power cable connection, etc. You will have to buy and carry a bulky hub USB-C, which will break the ultra-light design of this laptop.

Of all Windows-laptops, so few ports and connectors only for Asus Zenbook UX 3 390UA. The Matebook X has two USB-C ports, Dell XPS 13 has many connection options, Microsoft Surface Laptop has USB 3.0 ports in combination with DisplayPort. In comparison, the 2011 MacBook Air already had 5 USB ports, a Thunderbolt 2 connector, a card reader for SD cards and a MagSafe charging port.

Superb keyboard and touchpad

Since 2016, the MacBook uses the second generation Butterfly keyboard, with a short key stroke and instant response. At first, it can be uncomfortable, but over time the user gets used to it.

The good news is that despite the compactness of the case, all keys of the Apple MacBook 12 12 is very large and convenient. Each click is terminated with a click. The keyboard does not bend and remains stiff at any pressure. On Dell XPS 13 keys are quieter, softer, but do not have a pleasant tactile response.

Just below the keyboard is a touchpad – not too big and not too small. The Taptic Engine so accurately simulates mechanical clicks, in the absence of physical keys it is hard to believe that it does. The updated MacBook also has excellent multi-touch gesture support. Absolutely smooth glass panel instantly reacts to all kinds of interaction.

Apple MacBook 12 screen

The density of the image on the glossy Retina display is 226 pixels per inch, the maximum resolution is 2304 × 1440. The clarity is impressive, the text looks sharp and the colors are deep. However, it will be more difficult to find suitable wallpapers on a desktop of such format.

The display of the Apple MacBook 12 2017 shows the best performance in almost every category, second only to the Pro 13. The contrast ratio of the MacBook 12 is 915: 1, the MacBook Pro 13 is 1200: 1, the Dell XPS 13 is 400: 1, and the Huawei Matebook X can boast of the figure 690: 1. All these screens have a clear image with rich colors, but only Apple products offer crystal clearness.

The panel of the new MacBook 12 covers 91% of the AdobeRGB color space, when the MacBook Pro 13 – 100%. The color accuracy of the Apple MacBook 12 is 0.96, the Pro model is 0.72, when the Huawei Matebook X and Dell XPS 13 are higher than one (the smaller, the better).

Similar image quality can boast except that Samsung Galaxy Book 12 with OLED-display, however, this hybrid gadget has many shortcomings and it can not be considered a competitor to the MacBook.

Sound and volume

Usually in compact laptops with sounding problems, but not with Apple products. The speaker of the Apple MacBook 12 produces a powerful and very clear sound that fills the entire room regardless of the volume level.

Processor and Performance

The low-power Intel Core m3 processor is inferior to the Core i5 and Core i7, although its performance will be enough for daily workload. When you simultaneously open multiple tabs in a browser or work with multiple documents in Word and Excel, there are no problems.

If you start Spotify and open documents in Word while watching 4K-video, the input delay becomes noticeable. Normal performance will only return after closing several windows.

In the single-core test benchmark Geekbench, the MacBook 12 demonstrates the results roughly at the level of competitors with the Core i5, but in the multicore it is substantially inferior to them.

The encoding of 4K video in the Handbrake test on the MacBook 12 2017 took 28 minutes, the MacBook Pro 12 with the Core i5 was 25 minutes, the Dell XPS 13 with the Core i7 was only 13 minutes. At the same time XPS 13 costs as much as a 12-inch MacBook.

SSD solid state drive

A fast 256 GB SSD allows you to move large files without problems. This is especially useful for installing the full version of the OS using Boot Camp. The speed of reading the Apple MacBook 12 drive is 1355 MB / s, the write speed is 1035 MB / s.

Impressive indicators, they are quite consistent with the price range of the laptop. For comparison, Dell XPS 13 showed a reading speed of 469 MB / s and a write speed of 405 MB / s, MacBook Pro 13 – 2000 MB / s and 1348 MB / s, respectively.

As you can see, MacBook 12 of 2017 in many respects is not inferior to competitors and other Apple laptops.

Device not for games

Intel Core m3 enough for work tasks, but to play in Battlefield 1 will not work. In the relatively undemanding Civilization VI with a resolution of 1080p and medium settings, the frame rate is 8 fps. Noticeably even Hearthstone brakes.

Portability and compactness

Apple sacrificed performance for the sake of saving energy. In the video playback test, this MacBook lasted just over 8 hours – outperforming many competitors, although it lost to the Dell XPS 13 and MacBook Pro 13. In the demanding Peacekeeper test, the Apple MacBook 12 discharged in 4 hours, the MacBook Pro 13 and Dell XPS 13 – for 5 hours.

At standard load, the battery of this MacBook for 6-7 hours is discharged to 15 percent – it is enough for the whole day of work. Compact laptops based on Windows demonstrate about the same endurance, and some even better.

Software Apple MacBook 12 2017

There is a standard set of MacOS programs – Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Garage Band. A clean and pleasant interface is not loaded with unnecessary applications.

In the new version of the MacOS High Sierra, the changes are not very noticeable, but noticeable after a long work – for example, moving unused files to the cloud data store to free up space is done automatically.

The result

The new Apple MacBook 12 2017 is an excellent laptop that does not disappoint in anything, except weak performance in games.

Its main disadvantage is its cost. Apple products are known for their high price, for the brand has to overpay. But, the MacBook 12 has too many competitors, which are cheaper and not inferior in practice.

Possible alternatives

MacBook Pro 13 (without Touch Bar) is available for $ 1300, and it’s better almost in everything. The free space on the drive is slightly less, but the processor frequency, battery life and the number of ports is greater.

If you need a compact Windows laptop – consider Dell XPS 13, Huawei MateBook X or similar options from Asus, Acer, Microsoft or Razer. They all offer excellent performance and good build quality at the same or lower price.

The main advantage of the MacBook series is stamina. With careful handling, the laptop will last you a very long time – the components will become obsolete before they fail.

Despite all the advantages of the new MacBook 12, I can not boldly recommend it. Even if for you the corporate design and quality is the most important, the only reason to choose a MacBook 12 2017 instead of a 13-inch Pro is compactness.

Advantages of Apple MacBook 12

  • High build quality
  • Hardy Battery
  • Great display
  • Powerful sound

Disadvantages of the MacBook 12

  • Insufficient connectors
  • Overcharge

Updated and stylish Apple MacBook 12 2017 – Review