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Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 – Hybrid laptop updated, improved and modified


Lenovo Yoga 910 was able to enter the tops of the best hybrid laptops in 2016. Many users were pleased with the combination of stylish design, high build quality, stable performance and durable battery. I got an updated version of Lenovo Yoga 920 of 2017 for review.

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Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 – Reviews

Last year’s Yoga 920 had significant flaws, which Lenovo promised to fix in the new version. But is it?

For review, I chose the configuration with a 13.9-inch Full HD (1920 × 1080) display, a 4-core Core i7-8550U processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD PCIe drive. This model costs about $1330 , the same as premium-class laptops. There is also a variant with 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD and UHD 4K (3840 × 2160) display for $2000.

Design and appearance

Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 is difficult to distinguish from the model of 2016, even loops with a special design they have the same. However, there are differences: the corners are straightened, the body is thinner by 1.5 mm, and the width and length are reduced. Although, a reliable, completely aluminum construction has survived.

When closed, this laptop seems to be made from one piece of metal, in the open – it keeps its position securely.

But, the new Yoga 920 looks very pale, especially on the background of the HP Specter x360 13 with a flashy design. We have several color schemes available: bronze, platinum and copper. This laptop does not stand out against the competition and it will be appropriate to look in any business situation.

The top panel of the laptop has been enlarged, on it there is a web camera. This is a significant advantage over the Dell XPS 13, which has a camera below the screen and often removes only half of the face. However, around the keyboard are too sharp edges, they are inconvenient to put your hands.

Connections and Ports

Lenovo Yoga 920 2016 had a strange configuration of connectors, with insufficiently efficient USB-C ports and a limited number of USB 3.0 and 2.0. The Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 with connectivity is much better. Both UBS-C connectors support the Thunderbolt 3 standard, which increases the speed and usefulness of the operation.

For older gadgets, there is a USB-A 3.0, for a 3.5 mm headset. Unfortunately, for reading SD-cards you will need dong, there is no card reader here. From wireless connections are available Wi-Fi 802.11ac 2 × 2 MU-MIMO and Bluetooth 4.1.

Keyboard, touchpad, touch screen and stylus

The keyboard keys Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 excellent speed and a clear tactile response, although they are tightly pressed. To type text, you need to apply more effort than usual. The keys themselves are at a decent distance from each other. Lenovo made concessions to dissatisfied users of the keyboard of the previous model of the laptop and increased Enter.

The touch panel of the Yoga 920 2017 touchpad is Microsoft Precision Touchpad, however, it lacks sensitivity – because of this some gestures do not work the first time.

The fingerprint reader is to the right of the touch panel. The sensor quickly and unmistakably recognizes the owner. Support for Windows 10 Hello allows you to log on without entering a password.

As it should be for a tablet laptop, the Yoga 920 screen supports touch input, accurately and consistently reacting to touch.

Available stylus Active Pen 2 with 4096 levels of sensitivity, two buttons and eraser. To ensure that the pen is always at hand, Lenovo has added a holder that connects to the USB-A port.

Laptop Screen

The 13.9-inch screen Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 with a resolution of Full HD (1920 × 1080) demonstrates a density of 158 pixels per inch. This is enough to ensure that individual pixels are not visible.

The display of the updated Yoga 920 covers 72% of the AdobeRGB color space – approximately at the ZenBook Flip S level with the same resolution, but smaller than the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 and Yoga 910 with UHD displays. The color accuracy was 2.01. Only at a rate of 1.0 or less, color errors are invisible to the human eye.

At 100% brightness, Yoga 920 2017 demonstrated a contrast ratio of 880: 1. Of all the competitors, a noticeably better contrast is only in Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 – 1120: 1.

The brightness is 308 nits – here the new Yoga successfully crosses the threshold of 300 nits required for visibility under direct sunlight. The ideal gamma of 2.2 means that the video will not seem too light or dark.

The Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 display is great for everyday use. Colors may not suit only the most demanding users. The image is bright, although small details are visible in dark scenes. The black text is clearly visible on a white background.

Sound of speakers

On the front of the Lenovo Yoga 920 you’ll find two downward-facing speakers. Their volume is enough to watch movies with a small group of friends. But, the basses here are rather weak, but the mid and high frequencies sound clear – it’s already good, given that the sound quality on laptops is usually very low.

Promised Lenovo “360-degree sound” from Dolby Atmos, I never heard. Four long distance microphones increase the responsiveness of the voice assistant Cortana. User requests will be heard even a few meters away.

Processor and performance in tests

On the 4-core Core i7-8550U the base frequency is 1.8 GHz. Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 is inferior to Yoga 910 with 2-core Core i7-7500U, which has a clock frequency of 2.7 GHz without overclocking. But Core i7-8550U can be overclocked to 4.0 GHz, and i7-7500U only up to 3.5 GHz. These shortcomings did not prevent the new processor from outdoing the old one in tests and in practice.

For example, the updated Yoga 920 scored 4,683 points in the single-core benchmark Geekbench 4 – this is more than any competitor with the Core i7-7500U, including the Yoga 910. And also 14,566 points in the multi-core mode, which is also an excellent result, because even Yoga 720 15 s 4-core Core i7-7700HQ scored less.

With the Handbrake test, which requires converting 420 MB video to H.265 format, the Yoga 920 2017 coped for 613 seconds – it’s almost 2 times faster than the Yoga 910 and other dual-core notebooks. Only the new Microsoft Surface Pro c Core i7-7660U boasts a similar result.

Lenovo managed to use the full potential of the new Core i7. The fast processor affected the overall performance of the laptop and coped well with the real load. The temperature control system allows you to quickly cool the system, with minimal noise.

SSD solid state drive

SSD Samsung PM961 PCIe usually demonstrates excellent performance, but Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 for some reason lagged behind competitors with the same solid-state drive.

In the CrystalDiskMark test, the read speed of the new Yoga 920 was 1147 MB ​​/ s, and the write speed was 1172 MB / s. For comparison, the reading speed of Yoga 720 13 is 2060 MB / s, when the write speed is 1209 MB / s. In practice, the difference is almost imperceptible, the device works quickly, so even the most demanding users will be satisfied.

Video card and games

The Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 has a modern built-in graphics Intel UHD 620 – a great name, but it does not replace a separate graphics card.

In the 3DMark Fire Strike test, the laptop scored 1,005 points. It will only pull old games with a lower resolution, in modern ones it will not work even at the minimum settings. For example, if you start Civilization VI in Full HD, the frame rate will be 12 fps with an average detail, and 6 fps on the ultra-adjustments. For comfortable gameplay you need at least 25 fps.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a computer for games, just consider another option.

Battery and compactness

Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 Yoga 910 2016 had a battery capacity of 79 watts / hour, Yoga 920 2017 – only 70 watts / hour. However, the FullHD-display and energy-efficient processor allowed to economize the charge.

In the Basemark test, which maximizes the CPU and graphics card, Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 lasted 3 hours and 23 minutes. Worthy, but not the best. In the Peacekeeper test, the laptop was discharged in 6 hours and 39 minutes, when the Yoga 910 – for 4 hours and 6 minutes.

When the series of web pages was looped open, the battery of the laptop being inspected sat down after 8 hours and 11 minutes – the best result was shown only by Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Finally, the tested gadget was able to almost 14 hours to play the trailer of the movie Avengers, setting almost a record among laptops. Yoga 910 in the same process lasted a little less than 10.5 hours.

In addition to long battery life, the new Lenovo Yoga 920 boasts a relative fineness (13 mm) and lightness (1.37 kg), which makes it really a portable gadget.

The result

The main advantage of the updated Lenovo Yoga 920 2017 is a multi-core processor of the eighth generation. There have been other significant changes, the case has become thinner, the webcam has been placed on the top panel, the Enter button has been enlarged, and Thunderbolt 3 support has been added. All this means that in addition to improving performance, Lenovo managed to correct the user’s drawbacks of the previous model.

A strong build will allow the gadget to work for many years. Thanks to a powerful and very modern processor, as well as a sufficient amount of RAM and solid state drive. This system will remain relevant for a long time.

Is there an alternative?

There are many competitors among hybrid, and conventional laptops. For example, the recently released HP Specter x360 13 offers the same Core i7 processor of the eighth generation, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD for $ 1200. The same configuration of the Yoga 920 will cost you at least $ 1,330, although a more hardy battery justifies the inflated price.

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 – another tablet notebook with excellent build and decent performance. A model with a Core i7-7Y75, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD costs $ 1,350. XPS 13 2-in-1 is much more compact than Yoga, although for this he had to sacrifice speed of work.

Finally, there is a traditional laptop clamshell Dell XPS 13 with a 13-inch screen, excellent design, sturdy construction, high performance and a durable battery. The configuration with the 8th-generation Intel Core is available for $ 1,250.

Advantages of Lenovo Yoga 920 2017

  • High performance
  • Hardy Battery
  • Robust housing
  • Excellent build quality
  • Comfortable keyboard 2 USB-C connectors with Thunderbolt 3

Disadvantages of Yoga 920 2017

  • Overcharge
  • Problems with the reaction of the touchpad

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