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Components of Samsung Galaxy S9 + were more expensive than Galaxy Note 8


Experts TechInisghts conducted a comparative analysis of the cost of building the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 +. As it turned out, Samsung Galaxy S9 + came out somewhat more expensive than last year’s flagship Galaxy Note 8.

Thus, the total cost of Samsung Galaxy S9 + components reaches 379 US dollars, and for Galaxy Note 8 – 369 dollars. At the time of the start of sales, the Samsung Galaxy S9 + is offered at a lower price than the Galaxy Note 8.

If you consider all the current flagships, then the most expensive was the iPhone X for $ 389.5, while the cost of the components of the iPhone 8+ is “only” 324.5 dollars and occupies the bottom of the rating.

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As experts note, Samsung has such an advantage as the own production of most components, whereas Apple has to buy everything, including Samsung.