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Using the Vim text editor in Linux

Vim is a very powerful editor with a huge set of features. This article covers the basic commands, which are enough to get started in vim. It is very important not just to read the article, but in parallel to try all the

Linux Fundamentals and cheatsheet for Beginners

Linux is an operating system created by university student Linus Torvalds in October 1991. Linux is the generic name for all UNIX-based systems running on the same kernel. At the beginning of its history, Linux was quite demanding on user

Linux Basics: Introduction to bash

What is the article about? After reading this article, you will learn what bash is (standard Linux command interpreter), learn how to deal with standard commands: ls, cp, mv ... understand the purpose of inodes, hard and symbolic links

Cron Jobs – A Guide for Beginners

Cron is one of the frequently used tools for Unix systems. It is used to schedule the execution of commands for a specific time. These “pending” teams or tasks are called “ Cron Jobs ”. Such a tool is great

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